Friday Food Poisoning Fun

There’s a pretty great timeline over at Epicurious covering Salmonella outbreaks in recent years. Something to check out while you glumly chew your tomato-less burger. How quickly we seem to forget. Most of the examples are foods that were distributed to the American public at large, though the largest single outbreak came from one food festival stand.

Anyway, this whole tomato thing is the pits. I found myself staring intently at a stack of slices on my diner plate, wondering just how bad it would be if I risked throwing them on my burger. But the hysteria affected me and I didn’t eat them. Plus I’ve got to move next weekend and can’t risk getting sick.

After all, look at what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you eat: TMZ gets all up in your business and won’t let you live it down. Then NBA Commissioner David Stern won’t even believe it.

Salmonella & People: A Love Story/Timeline [Epicurious]
A Fatal miSTEAK [TMZ]
Stern Warning: Steakgate’s a Load of Bull [TMZ]

[Photo: via Adactio/flickr]

Friday Food Poisoning Fun