Free Wine Trumps Free Supermarket Samples

Let’s review what you got for free today. When you picked up your coffee this morning you sampled a free morsel of a dried out, potentially day-old cinnamon oat muffin. You plucked a few free M&M;’s from a coworker’s desk jar, but had to endure a twenty-minute report on petunias, so we won’t count that. At the supermarket you could have sampled a free nacho cheese-flavored slice of bologna stuffed in a cornbread blanket but decided against it because all reason would tell you it’s disgusting. Finally, on your way home you passed a sidewalk sale and found a VHS tape containing five episodes of Mr. T in a bin marked FREE—a stellar find if you had a VHS player.

We’re here to offer you consolation for your lousy loot and throw out a tip on where to score what is, in our estimation, the best thing one can get for free: wine. Every Friday night, A. Vision — a clever shop in Ukrainian Village offering wine and flowers — hosts a free wine tasting from 5 – 7 p.m. This week they’re pouring imports from Candid Wines such as Girasole Pinot Noir, a clean and bright organic wine. Others include Martin Schatzel Pinot Blanc and Huff Kerner. Buy a bottle of Olson Ogden Sonoma County Syrah and A. Vision will kick twenty percent of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Illinois.

It’s free, it’s Friday, it’s finally warm, do you need another reason to drink? If you do, walk across the street to Piccolo for peanut butter or pistachio gelato. The combo might give you indigestion, but whatever, it’s the weekend.

A. Vision [Official Site]
Candid Wines [Official Site]

Piccolo [MenuPages]

Free Wine Trumps Free Supermarket Samples