Two Free Tacos Day

Free food is the best. Even if it’s not the best for you.

Jack in the Box is looking out for drivers this week with a special promotion. Two Free Tacos Day is taking place at participating Jack in the Boxes tomorrow, June 26.

Show up with a receipt for gas and get 2 free tacos. Simple as that. This is particularly nice for Zipcar or City CarShare drivers who can get a receipt for filling up the tank and don’t actually have to pay for the gas. Being Zipcar members, we think we feel the need to run some errands tomorrow…

But don’t think you can cheat the system by using a friend’s receipt because they won’t accept copies. BUT they don’t say that the receipt has to be dated June 26. We checked all of the fine print and even listened to the cheesy mock press conference on the Jack in the Box website (twice), but there’s no mention of this deal being time-sensitive. Got a gas receipt from 2 months ago? Make it work for you!

One other thing: there’s one of those pesky “limit 1 offer per person” deals, but there are 3 locations in San Francisco so maybe it’s not as restrictive as it sounds. Our guess is they’ll probably take your receipt before you get your tacos, but if you have a few old receipts hanging out in your glove compartment or cluttering up your ashtray then maybe you can get maximum use out of the offer.

These are only our personal random thoughts on the situation so don’t blame us if you try to get more than two tacos and fail miserably or end up in jail. At the very least, 2 free anything is better than nothing.

Jack in the Box [Official Site]

[Photo via JVagamundos/Flickr]

Two Free Tacos Day