Florent to Reopen As Florent-Type Restaurant

Everything old is new again.
Everything old is new again. Photo: Noah Kalina

Florent has received a stay of execution of sorts, and boy, is it an ironic one: Landlord Joanne Lucas has heretofore been portrayed as killing history in order to make an easy buck, but Eater reports that she’s now turning back the clock on the Florent space, by reopening it as R&L; Restaurant in two days. (The original R&L;, a diner that Florent replaced, was owned by Lucas’s father.) It’s unclear whether the restaurant will still be a 24-hour operation and Florent Morellet will not be involved, but it will retain, for the most part, the same staff and menu. Of course, this may not be the final chapter: There’s always the possibility that R&L; will eventually become a Varvatos store.

Update: Eater gets Florent’s reaction, and he’s pleased (and not surprised) that Lucas is reopening the space as a restaurant, since her family has an emotional attachment to it. “I was curious to see what would happen when push came to shove with Joanne when the big bucks came to the door,” Florent tells Eater. “It would have meant tearing down the inside…This was not a decision based on capitalism.”

BLOCKBUSTER Exclusive: Florent to Re-Open as R & L Restaurant on Tuesday!! [Eater]

Florent to Reopen As Florent-Type Restaurant