Desperately Seeking: Late Night Munchies

Boston may be of the nation’s largest cities, but it’s also one that sleeps. After midnight, pickings become slim, and a knowledgeable foodie needs to know where to get his or her eat on. Here are some of our favorite places to find good eats after midnight while simultaneously avoiding the cramped pizza joints filled with drunk college kids.

Franklin Cafe in the South End serves a full menu until 1am every night and is a neighborhood favorite. Even folks from around town trek down south for their eclectic samplings and creative drink menu.

North End gem Bova’s Bakery serves food all night long, provided you’re cool with loud hair metal as a soundtrack for eating your calzone (and we definitely are). The usually one-man staff is extremely friendly and classic Beantown.

Back Bay’s The Otherside Cafe serves late on the patio and inside, proudly featuring Boston’s first raw menu in addition to their vegan and vegetarian staples. With killer beer, coffee, and tea menus, the place is packed into the night for a reason.

Franklin Cafe [Official Site]
Bova’s Bakery [Official Site]
The Otherside Cafe [MenuPages]

[Photo: LearningToSee/Flickr]


Desperately Seeking: Late Night Munchies