Craving: Falafel

Reef Cafe has the best Lebanese falafel in town, and it is an absolute treat to visit this tiny eatery. With mom in the kitchen and friendly son Salaam up front, Reef is the best family-run establishment in Allston Rock City. Cold Vimto and other sodas in the cooler plus daily specials round out the menu, and late hours keep everyone happy. Call ahead - they’ll have it ready if you’re on the go, in usually ten minutes or less.

While not always everyone’s first choice (most notably due to the high prices), Rami’s in Brookline serves soft Israeli falafel with a variety of veggies in a pita pocket. Keeping completely kosher - no outside food or drinks of any kind allowed in - these thin pockets contain a great variety of greens, tomatoes, and a delicious tahini and hummus covering the fresh, fluffy falafels.

If Cambridge is the place you call home, you’re lucky to have Moody’s Falafel Palace on Mass Ave., in the heart of Central Square and open later than most of its neighboring restaurants. A drunk’s destination after the bars close on the weekends (open until 3am!), it’s also a lunch attraction for a reason. Their prices are low, their lentil soup is always warm, and the taste can’t be beat on that side of the riverbank.

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Craving: Falafel