Craig LaBan Vs. Swallow

This week, Northern Liberties’ Swallow got the Craig LaBan treatment. However, our man LaBan got a bit snarky. Snark highlights, you ask?

1: “What’s left on this menu has been far less reliable, and simplistic to the verge of boring.”

2: “I liked the delicate crisp of the fried frog’s legs, but they so lacked seasoning that the cool cucumber salad showed them up. They were also so nakedly presented on a white plate, all those little ankles crisscrossed as if doing a jig on their final leap, that they were not for squeamish eaters.”

3: “The shrimp risotto with peas and mint was the only total disaster.”

Now, here’s the thing. We ate at Swallow before… and we liked it. Even if they’re still learning the ropes, Swallow’s a good addition to the Liberties Walk Bar Ferdinand/A Full Plate Cafe scene. Here’s hoping their next review will be a more positive one, because they’ve got some adventurous chefs in the kitchen and a good setup.

Swallow [Inquirer]


Craig LaBan Vs. Swallow