Comments Of The Week: Right, Wrong Or Indifferent

This week, we got three comments worth sharing with you (or so we think).

• On our post about cult-run restaurants, Tyler pointed us to the fishy Unification Church:

Remember the Moonie Sushi joints featured in the Trib 2 years ago?

In fact, we do! And True World Foods is still peddling wholesale sushi around the country to this day.

• Re: an old post about Old Fashioned Donuts’s apple fritters, in which we mentioned that Michigan goes down to 150th street, Chicago Guy tries to set us straight:

Did you know Michigan Avenue continues well past 150th street and goes all the way to Detroit?

It’s how people got between Chicago & Detroit before I-94 existed.

Unless we’re mistaken, the pre-Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways route of choice between Chicago and Detroit was US 12. In Detroit, US 12 is, indeed, called Michigan Ave. But as it heads west toward Chicago, it turns into E Chicago Rd, and then Chicago Rd, and then W Chicago Rd, and back and forth and various other permutations as well. By the time it gets to Chicago, it’s 95th Street. So unless our Michigan Avenue used to kink 90 degrees (it didn’t), we have to respectfully disagree.

• Finally, we were party to a dialogue about Chicago’s Polish food back in April, covering topics such as 1) are people prepared to pay a lot of money for high-end Polish food 2) does the Polish food in Chicago compare to the Polish food in Poland 3) is Chicago’s Polish food even any good? Commenter “Bart,” a native Pole, declared that Chicago’s Polish food — nay, all Polish food in America — is subpar. Just yesterday, Todd S. Jenkins joined the fray with an ultimately somewhat inappropriate quote from his pastor:

My Chicago-born, Polish-heritaged, former-missionary-to-Krakow pastor thinks Bart is full of beans. He comments, “I imagine the statement “there are no good Polish Restaurants in the Chicago area” ironically came from a Pole. There is a saying in Poland: “If two Polish men meet, there will be three opinions.” I have had the privilege of eating at no less than 10 Polish restaurants in Chicago that are run completely by Polish natives. I also spent many years in Poland and have eaten at their best. This poor guy must have the taste buds of a 13-year-old anorexic girl if he can’t find a good Polish restaurant in the second largest Polish populated city in the world!”

That analogy is in poor taste (!!!!!)

Okay, have a good weekend.


Comments Of The Week: Right, Wrong Or Indifferent