Comment Spam Cuckolds Stripping…Curiously Sublime?

The other day, we were sufficiently amused by a piece of comment spam that we shared it with you. The spam came from the propietor of a website on Chicago strip clubs, and it concerned strip clubs in DuPage County. Could we please pass on any information we’re privy to about their potential banning, we were asked? We remarked on how topical it was under the circumstances (in that it concerned Chicagoland and not Xanax or Warcraft gold), and moved on.

Little did we expect to get another comment from the same person:

But if you look, Its not a spam. I actually put your article on the page with a link to nbc five. Click Chicago please when you get to the site. I really wasnt spamming you.

Really! So we followed the link and searched all over the site but couldn’t find a reference to MenuPages anywhere (or to NBC5, for that matter).

This really pushes into a philosophical debate on the nature of spam. We think Georgio is well-meaning, although perhaps he has us confused with another blog that discusses strip clubs with some regularity? Does it make a difference, vis-a-vis its spamminess, that this was targeted and genuine, if unsolicited and commercial?

To answer Georgio’s question, DuPage County doesn’t allow alcohol to be sold in strip clubs that feature full nudity; however, many clubs in the county have a BYO hard liquor policy, and sell mixers and ice and such. At the beginning of this year, the county board floated a proposal to ban this admittedly ridiculous practice; casual Googling has not provided any follow-up.

But worst case, there’s always Indiana. Have a good weekend!

County board member proposes banning alcohol at strip clubs [St. Charles Republican]


Comment Spam Cuckolds Stripping…Curiously Sublime?