Cheeseburger Couture

This cheeseburger dress is the coolest thing that’s ever been knitted. The artist, Joy Kampia O’Shell, has created several of these one-of-a-kind pieces, and they are the real thing (i.e., wearable). Could you imagine actually sashaying into a burger joint with this on? Let’s take a stab at it:

Places Where This Dress Would Help

Hamburger Mary’s would probably let you eat and drink free for the night, or possibly even join the stage show. You’d be signing autographs left and right! Extra points here for creative stowage of your pickle

Kuma’s Corner has a notoriously long line during peak times…unless you were wearing this dress. Because you know what? Dressing as your dinner is pretty f’n metal. The waitresses would clear a berth for you at the bar, and maybe someone would even whistle appreciatively! Probably better to be a lady for this one, though — metal has its limits

Places Where This Dress Wouldn’t Help

Boston Blackies’ touristic clientele might think you were a charming fixture of Chicago cosmopolitanism, and the sports fans glued to the big TV in the back might not even notice your presence. But the suburban children milling about the place will call as much attention to you as their whiny little voices and flailing limbs allow them. You may not get the best seat in the house

Billy Goat Tavern Original at least gives you a chance at making the papers, but not in a good way

On the whole, we say, worth it.

[Photo: Joy Kampia]


Cheeseburger Couture