Carmellini Visits Vegas; Treats Truck Times Two

• Andrew Carmellini, late of A Voce, is in Las Vegas this week shopping around for a new job. [Insatiable Critic]

• If you’ve got any beef against the upscale restaurant planned for the north end of Union Square, there’s a protest taking place tomorrow, at 5 p.m., where you can properly express your discontentment. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• The Treats Truck fleet is doubling in size, from one to two, and the new, smaller addition will feature exclusive cookie specials. [Feed/TONY]

•Tyson Foods isn’t allowed to sell chicken with its antibiotic-free label anymore, because the chicken isn’t completely antibiotic-free. [WSJ]

• Movie theaters that are part of chains and serve food will also be subjected to the calorie-posting law. [Life Vicarious]

• U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says the amount of food produced around the world has to increase a full 50 percent by 2030 to meet demand and prevent people from starving. [WSJ]

• Bad tippers that they are, Europeans are New York waiters’ greatest nightmares. [amNY]

Carmellini Visits Vegas; Treats Truck Times Two