Brunch Is Our Religion

Ah, weekends. No blaring alarm clocks, MBTA passes, or runs in your pantyhose that are only discovered after you’ve left the house. And whether you’re a Jew, gentile, or completely apathetic, chances are if you’re a Bostonian, you’re a devout follower of the religion that practices weekend brunch.

Unfortunately, some Boston brunches can really break the bank. With some restaurants charging $10 just for your mimosa, it’s hard to stay financially afloat. But if you’re looking for brunch that will cost you that much in total, head to The Etc Cafe in the West End. Housed underneath the Charles River Park Complex, Etc. Café is a casual spot with no frills attached. You’re given your order on a cafeteria tray, and seating is of your own choice. However, the food is fresh, delicious, and inexpensive. Less than $10 buys an omelet, side of home fries, two pancakes, and a drink. There’s also a smoothie counter available for some great concoctions that will really kick a nasty hangover to the curb.

Besides the plethora of food offerings, the Etc. Cafe staff are genuinely sweet and helpful people. If you just happen to spend three hours loitering in your pajamas with friends over stories of the previous night’s escapades, they could care less. And for that, we can definitely all let out an Amen.

The Etc Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: How Stuff Works]

Brunch Is Our Religion