Brown Rice Sushi?

Snappy Sushi, formerly Shino Sushi, is doing something a little different, and we love it. Sure, we here at MenuPages discuss sushi a lot, but boy howdy, Snappy Sushi is an all brown rice sushi spot. Yeah, that’s right, brown rice! The first time we walked in, the host and waiter made it clear to us that this was going to be brown rice and that he hoped we were ok with that. As a lover of sushi, we just wanted to get some into our bellies as soon as we could. Choosing to sit at the sushi counter, we got to see the chefs creating our pieces, and they definitely took time to create each nori or sashimi given to us.

The first thing that we noticed about Snappy Sushi was that the fish was fresh. Having been to many different sushi places over the years, it’s always great to be given a plate that just looks amazing, tastes amazing, and is satisfying (probably why we keep ordering sushi!)

The second thing, obviously, was the brown rice. Now, sushi is normally made with vinegared white rice, but this new brown rice way of making it has gotten us all riled up with excitement. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s better for you, AND IT TASTES GREAT!

So if you are on Newbury Street or in Davis Square and are up for something different and refreshing, try Snappy Sushi, where you’ll get an awesome meal that could change the way you think about sushi for the better.

Snappy Sushi [Official Site]

Brown Rice Sushi?