Boston Burmese

Rumor has it that the last time Boston foodies had their necessary fill of Burmese food, it was sometime in the ‘90s. Thankfully, YoMa has had its Allston doors wide open for well over a year, filling a niche we had all been missing.

There are many things to love about YoMa, from the simple dining room to the unpretentious plates to the excellent service you’ll receive, no matter what time of day you stop in for a bite. The prices are incredibly low, even for Allston, and a menu for omnivores or vegetarians is available on request.

If you come in extra hungry (and well, you really should…), start with a sampler appetizer platter or the BuThee Jaw (fried long squash), and for lunch or dinner, our favorites include the Chicken Curry with Potato and the ShwePaYonTheeHin, a tempting combination of sweet pumpkin, tomatoes, and tofu. Trust us on the appetizer suggestion; even if you suspect it’s too much goodness, you won’t be too full for your entree. There is something almost magical about the YoMa portions. No matter who you are or what your body needs, the meal sizes are filling without guilt, the perfect size. We wish we knew how they do it.

Finishing off every meal with Htanyet, or Jaggery-based palm candies, is an unprecedented treat in an era where even a cheap dinner mint is appreciated. The warm, family-run establishment has become a second home for a few of us, and we suggest the same for you.

YoMa [MenuPages]
YoMa [Official Site]

[Photo: Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen/, used with permission]

Boston Burmese