Blog Reviews: Week Of Stephanie!!!

We’re not going to lie and say we’re upset that there are only four blog-based restaurant reviews this week. But would you believe fully half of them are for brunch at Roy’s? True story.

• A slightly different style of cooking at Ja’s Jerk Chicken on the West Side means juicier meat, but still tangy. Also, the sides are copious [Food Chain]

• The new Sunday brunch at Roy’s comes with unlimited mimosas if you want them, which may help elevate the competently executed standard issue fare to greatness. If there’s a Hawaiian option on the prix-fixe, take it [Drive-Thru, Chicago Bites]

• Sitting in a Gold Coast triangle intersection, Whispers Cafe chills you out with an iced coffee and maybe some vegan baked goods [Drive-Thru]

[Photo: Stephanie, surprised and a little ticked, via Bravo]

p.s. if you haven’t read Mike Nagrant’s piece on Graham Elliot Bowles in last week’s Hungry, now would be a good time. Scratch-and-sniff business cards!


Blog Reviews: Week Of Stephanie!!!