Bijoux Emerges From the Shadows

Earlier today Down by the Hipster brought news of Bijoux, the lounge below Merkato 55 that, like all hot spots these days, is accessed through a “private” door and a service hallway (after which you crawl into a manhole and give your name to a mole person — kidding, kidding). Now UrbanDaddy has a sexy interior shot and some description.

Inside, you’ll find a low-ceilinged, mood-lit paradise, complete with a custom-carved ceiling, black-and-gold posters of one owner’s wife in the nude and a fog-covered well in the center, in case the journey left you parched. Then again, there’s bottle service for that, and a leather banquette in an appropriately shadowy corner that you’ll want to seek out with your date later in the evening. As for the clientele, private parties are bringing Jay-Z, Kanye and nightlife marauder Ben Affleck through the kitchen doors, so the guest list may have yet another surprise in store.

Whoa, a nude poster of the owner’s wife? Sounds even more self-indulgent than the paintings of the owners at Goldbar! Assessors from Museum of WTF Restaurant Art have been dispatched.

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Bijoux Emerges From the Shadows