Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Eh, Not So Great

As you know, our favorite reviews are not necessarily the utter raves (although that was our topic last week). It’s just as good when things are middling! Here are two examples of subparity from the past week:

On June 3rd, “West Village Wanderer” panned Skewerz with a review entitled “a $2 skewer not worth .50 cents”:

I wanted to like this place, but didn’t.

With the exception of the Yuca fries and the beef skewer, which was tender and flavorful, the food quality was questionable. My chicken skewers looked like left over pieces from the weekend’s skewers, ditto for my vegetable skewers.

Also, don’t force me to have rice if I’m willing to pay the difference to get Yuca fries, and dont charge $10 min for credit card purchases.

These concept restaurants are always suspect. On the other hand, you’d hope meat on a stick would be a pretty easy thing to pull off! On the third hand, gimmicky places in entertainment zones that are open until 3am on weekends aren’t necessarily making a quality play (cf. Rockstar Dogs).

On June 9th, “DaeLeeAkUh” wrote in about BBop, titling the observation “Not the best, but not the worst”:

I’ve bad duk booki and bi bim pap at BeBop, and I wasn’t impressed. If you’ve never had Korean food, you’ll like it. If you know what Korean food is supposed to be like, you might be rather sad. They poured the duk booki into a frying pan out of a pre-made tub. The duk was the kind that is found in duk mondu guk rather than the finger-shaped duk usually found in duk booki there was way too much sauce, and there wasn’t a hard boiled egg in it. The bi bim pap totally tasted like fast food and was tiny. The prices are high for the amount of food and lack of panchan. Street food at the Korean Street Festival or in South Korea itself is better than Bbob’s fast food. Alas, I’m still glad there is a Korean restaurant in my neighborhood. It’s better than nothing!

This is actually a quite detailed exegesis on duk booki and bibimbap. But our favorite part of the review is the Freudian typo at the beginning, where DaeLeeAkUh uses the adjective “bad” instead of the verb “had”.

We especially like it when mediocre reviews are constructed without slander or foul language. Keep them coming!

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[Photo: hipster preparing purportedly inauthentic Korean food at BBop (points for their mod website, though)]


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Eh, Not So Great