Local Produce Not Always Carbon-Friendly; Scores East to File for Bankruptcy?

• Locavores concerned with “food miles” — how far food travels before it is sold — need to consider that the transportation of local produce is not always more carbon-friendly than that of produce found at the supermarket. [Salon]

• Florent Morellet is excited for his diner to close and to move on to the next stage of his life, but he is mum on details for what will replace the meatpacking-district institution: “Something interesting is going on. I can’t tell you.” [Gothamist]
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• Scores, which made its reputation on the sky-high tabs its patrons would rack up, now has its own financial troubles, and now, Scores East could be facing bankruptcy. [NYO]
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• Refrigerator alert: A summer guide to Greenmarket-produce items, and when they’re at their best. [TONY]

• Gas or charcoal: Which is the greener grilling method? In terms of carbon emissions, gas is the winner by a landslide, but some kinds of charcoal can be considered carbon-neutral if they are made from trees that are being replanted. [Slate]

• Is a dish served in prisons, disgustingly called Nutraloaf, so awful that it’s actually unconstitutional? [Slate]

• The Burger King gold card given to some celebrities is really a glorified gift card. [Hamburger Today]

• Alain Ducasse has ditched his French passport to become a citizen of Monaco, and he called the choice “An affair of the heart.” [Bloomberg]

• Blenders appear to be making a small comeback in bars, in spite of many bartenders’ overwhelming opposition to using them. [NYT]

Local Produce Not Always Carbon-Friendly; Scores East to File for Bankruptcy?