World Cocktail Day At Green Street

We had the great pleasure of attending World Cocktail Day, an event run by Green Street Grill and drinkboston, all to benefit the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans. Four top-notch bartenders each prepared one drink, and each drink had a delicious back story that was told tableside. Green Street’s food complimented each cocktail course, which we feel is how it should be on such a night.

The night started with Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli of Eastern Standard’s Maiden’s Prayer. It was as refreshing as he promised, with less Cointreau and more bitters. The next course was John Gertsen of No. 9 Park’s Nicol’s Secret Pisco Punch, with a great lesson in Gold Rush-era saloons and the popularity of punches in the 19th century. Next on the docket was Brother Cleve’s Bijou, which was as rich in history as one would expect from a celebrated cocktail historian. We ended the night on a very strong note - John Myers, co-founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail, traveled down from Portland to make one whopper of a cocktail, suitably called Remember the Maine. This drink, made with bourbon, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy, and absinthe tasted far better than we expected from such a potent concoction, and understandably packed quite a punch. If this is how Mainers keep warm in the winter, we are not surprised.

Did we eat? Naturally. Throughout the evening we were presented with some delightful Green Street offerings, including toasted bread with white bean dip, pizza topped with tomatoes and sliced peppers, cow tongue tacos with a unique sauerkraut, and a rather spicy shrimp dish.

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[Photo: Museum of the American Cocktail]


World Cocktail Day At Green Street