Will (Le) Poisson Rouge, 100 Lafayette ‘Change Life As We Know It’?

Santa's or Santos'?
Santa’s or Santos’? Photo: Melissa Hom

Amy Sacco may have told the Daily News that our nightlife is overrated, but at least some new venues are in the works. Steve Lewis, after a lot of waxing nostalgic about the Tunnel (a party was held in the club’s former space, which now houses a, um, ’wichcraft), tells us that his old spot Life, at 158 Bleecker and Thompson, will soon become “a burlesqueish performance spot.” According to its MySpace page, (Le) Poisson Rouge will open by June 15, when sadcore duo Damon and Naomi have a show (others on the schedule include jazz greats Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden).

Lewis also brings more about 100 Lafayette, which he says will involve Larry Golden of Pianos: “I was told that the upstairs will be this ultrahip venue and the club downstairs will change life as we know it.” That clears that up, but meanwhile the club’s name, at one point thought to be Santa’s Party House (per a T-shirt) but now thought to be 100 Lafayette, becomes even more of a mystery as Andrew W.K. is now referring to “Santos’ Party House” (giving no details, of course) on his site. Hm. More as this unfolds…

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Will (Le) Poisson Rouge, 100 Lafayette ‘Change Life As We Know It’?