Will Bacon’s Gleam Ever Fade?

We’re getting a little tired of the whole “bacon makes it better” mantra. Not that it’s not true, but come on, hasn’t the novelty worn off? No, apparently.

Just as restaurants don’t seem to be in any rush to remove things like maple bacon ice cream from their dessert menus, bloggers aren’t really worried about over-using a meme that should have expired two years ago. We’re thinking of Boing Boing’s recent Web Zen bacon roundups, which featured this bacon bra, allegedly cooked en seins, from Loona.net:

There’s also the Hover Bacon song on Rathergood, which we dare you to listen to just once. An aside: Rathergood’s Spongemonkeys were the outfit responsible for that really weird Quizno’s commercial a few years ago, based on their video “We Like The Moon.”

Even MenuPages has helped further this weird cured product’s greasy, salty mystique.

It makes sense that bacon’s natural weirdness and natural deliciousness have combined to make it a fad on a national level, but who could have foreseen that the trend would last this long? The folks over at the bacon lobby must be happier than pigs in slop.

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Will Bacon’s Gleam Ever Fade?