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Why Has Amy’s Bread Been Invaded By the French?

“Voilà, le pain!”

A Hell’s Kitchen reader wrote in not once but twice to ask us why her Amy’s Bread location has been “compromised” by rabid tourists:

Lately, it’s been hellish to get in and take an order. Lines on the weekend–mornings I tell you! Early Sunday mornings!--have gotten out of control. It’s like someone spilled a delicious secret, and tourists have taken over my favorite bread and pastry shop. And not just any tourists, French speaking tourists, a lot of them!

Manager Kerrie McDevitt blames the uptick on the weak dollar and the sudden influx of tourists in general. She says Amy plans to renovate the space as she did with her Chelsea Market location to make the lines flow better (expect better lighting and new tables by fall), but in the meantime cinnamon-raisin cravers should make sure to peek in instead of walking by, since some of the six tables are often free even if there’s a takeout line. As for our reader’s “delicious secret,” if it wasn’t out then, it’s out now.

Why Has Amy’s Bread Been Invaded By the French?