Warming Up From The Inside Out

While yesterday was beautiful, and many people took home sunburns as souvenirs of Lilac Sunday and Mayfair, this week is looking rather chilly. What we need is a good strong cuppa - or maybe something stronger. Here are some places you can still get a hot toddy, even though it’s May.

•A trip to any Irish pub worth its weight in salt will have you sipping a hot toddy that can take the edge off a chilly day. That said, go to one of the best in the area - Doyle’s in Jamaica Plain, though it has expanded over the years, still manages to combine the neighborhood bar with the thank-goodess-we’re-home restaurant. And with many a coffee cocktail to choose from, you’re sure to find something satisfying.
•The Druid in Inman Square is another pub to try, and it has that warm, come-in-from-the-cold feeling, with cheery traditional Irish music in the corner.
•So the Irish pub’s not your thing. Fair enough - we trust Eastern Standard with all our cocktail choices. There are so many on the menu to choose from, to say nothing of what else the bartender’s got stored in his head. Ask for something warm that is not coffee-based, and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Doyle’s Cafe [Official Site]
The Druid [Official Site]
Eastern Standard [Official Site]

[Photo: Counter Intelligence]


Warming Up From The Inside Out