Viewing Pleasure: Vegan Delights

Recently, the Chicago Diner celebrated its 25th anniversary, doing justice to their slogan “Meat Free Since ‘83.” Let’s celebrate with a spread of tasty vegan dishes available right now around Chicago!

• “Sausage” and “Egg” Biscuits ($7.95) at Chicago Diner, via

• “Meatball” sub ($6.29) and chili cheese fries ($3.99) at Veggie Bite, via jessi-girl:

• Stuffed Mushrooms ($8.00) at Karyn’s Raw Vegan Gourmet, via cbrowncolors:

• Vegetables Combo at The Elephant, via minvervah:

• Slash cupcake ($3.50; probably gone but if enough of you ask, maybe they’ll make it again!) at Bleeding Heart via The Bleeding Heart Bakery:

No one ever said vegan needed to be healthy. Or attractive. Or involve vegetables. But it’s usually at least one of those things!

Anyway, maybe try skipping meat for one meal this weekend? It’s better for the environment and all that.

Viewing Pleasure: Vegan Delights