Tribune & TOC: Hmm…Isn’t There Usually More Than This?

Lists! It’s mostly lists today on the Tribune and TOC food sections. Let’s list them:

• New and opening-soon restaurants that have piqued Phil Vettel’s interest [Tribune]

• New and opening-soon restaurants on an awkward Google Map for some reason [Tribune]

And it’s a different set of restaurants! The concept, if there is one, escapes us.

• Restaurants that have rushed to return foie gras to their menus [Tribune]

• Ice cream around Millennium Park, oriented for tourists [Tribune]

• Chefs tell you how to grill a variety of things (like fruit!) [TOC]

And also, there were reviews, mostly from the end of the alphabet:

• David Tamarkin has determined that ZED451 has more in common with its predecessor, Sal y Carvao, than it’s comfortable to admit. Also, that the nostrum about the servers cooking the food is probably a lie. But also, that the meat is pretty good, despite some weird and flaky preparations.

• Meanwhile, Heather Shouse went to Veerasway, which she finds to be a perfectly reasonable addition to Chicago’s growing upscale Indian collection. We can’t help but think of the immortal MTV VJ intro line, “This is Sway,” when we read the name. We also have homophonic association with Exposure Tapas, but let’s not go there.

ZED451 [MenuPages]
ZED451 [Official Site]
Veerasway [MenuPages]

[Photo: this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, BUT, Pierre Hermé (who has interested us before was in town teaching a course at French Pastry School, and these are some of the results from class, via yummyinthetummyblog/flickr]


Tribune & TOC: Hmm…Isn’t There Usually More Than This?