Tribune + Sun-Times: The Bounties Of Mid-Spring

Today’s themes are: farmers markets, barbecues, gluten-freeness and food conferences. That’s a good thing!

Farmers Markets

• Helpful: what’s going to be at the farmers markets, by month [Sun-Times]

• Reasons to go to farmers markets for the uninitiated [Sun-Times]

• A full list of farmers markets, for the third time [Sun-Times]

• This year’s Bronzeville farmers market to be a “mini-festival every Sunday” [Sun-Times]


• If you’re new to grilling, a list of supplies to pick up (thermometers!) [Tribune]

• Mario Batali gently reminds us that Italians know how to grill, too [Tribune]

• Trapped in an apartment? Devices allow you to grill on the stove top [Tribune]


• Gluten-free fried chicken dinner at Ina’s a hit, will be repeated [Sun-Times]

• Plus, a gluten-free supermarket (a rare thing) has opened in the suburbs [Tribune]

Food Conferences

• At the NRA show, Bayless on the prowl, and Vienna vs. Heinz over ketchup [Sun-Times]

• Live from the All Candy Expo, tequila nuggets and organic chocolate loom large [Sun-Times]


• A favorite Chicago food media meme — rediscovering the mother-in-law [Sun-Times]

• There is such a thing as serviceberries, and they might be in your backyard [Tribune]

[Photo: tequila nuggets via Crown Candies]


Tribune + Sun-Times: The Bounties Of Mid-Spring