TOC + Tribune: Are You A Foodie Or A High-Strung Whinger?

The Tribune’s on fire today! Between the point-counterpoint on restaurant pet peeves and the paper’s continuing excellence in breakfast coverage, our attention has definitely been kept.

• Phil Vettel says: service is more important than food quality! [Tribune]

• Monica Eng says: food quality is more important than service! [Tribune]

• And together they say: the most important thing is who you’re eating with. (Aww. Unless you’re dining solo, of course!) [Tribune]

Meanwhile, on the breakfast beat, Chris Borrelli is excited about:

• What celebrities eat for breakfast (answer: nothing too crazy) [Tribune]

• Whether the high price of eggs will affect the five-egg omelet at Pauline’s (answer: in price only) [Tribune]

TOC doesn’t have much editorial stuff this week, but note their Farmer’s Market calendar, which you can compare to the Tribune’s for reference. Also, the interview with Ben Roche, Moto’s pastry chef, is pretty good.

Review time!

• David Tamarkin has a good experience at Big Jones, despite itself. The cocktails were weird and it’s unclear how tethered the restaurant is to the Southern narrative, but the food is tasty and well-executed [TOC]

• Antipasti, pasta and rectangular pizzas are a hit at I Monelli, which is BYO. Skip the desserts [TOC]

• Who reviews Schwa and Green Zebra as part of one review? Oh wait, it’s Phil. We guess it makes sense to lump the good restaurants into one thing? No, obviously these each deserve their own treatment. Then again, to be fair, these are both re-reviews, and they both get three stars [Tribune]

[Photo: Pauline’s five egg omelet via Zesmerelda/flickr]


TOC + Tribune: Are You A Foodie Or A High-Strung Whinger?