The Tuesday Report: Shocking Steak

Alewife: Near the new Trolley Square development, a new cafe. Singabella has mostly Italian fare, but there is a Middle Eastern portion of their menu, as well. [Chowhound]

East Boston: Chowhounders prophesy that D’Parma will do well. [Chowhound]

Kendall Square: The theme of MexiCali Burrito Company? Think San Francisco Mission District. But in Technology Square. [Cantabrigia]

Newton: No one’s sure who will be more shocked when trendy BOKX 109 opens - Newton, or the folks who just opened up a “steak with attitude” restaurant there. [Hot, Buttered, and Toasted]


Coolidge Corner: Shabu Village has closed. Too bad, as it was a local favorite. [Hot, Buttered, and Toasted]

South End: We didn’t think the Garden Of Eden would ever close. Fortunately, sister store Lionette’s Market will only be moving to somewhere else in the South End. []

[Photo: Massachusetts Tours]

The Tuesday Report: Shocking Steak