The Tipping Habits Of Politicians

While listening to NPR and slowly getting ready for work this morning, we got to thinking: Could one judge presidential candidates by the amount they tip? Answer: Hell yes.

Turns out there is plenty of information online, not only about the tipping practices of our presidential candidates, but about celebrities in general, and even average Joes. More on that in a minute.

To answer the initial query, here’s how the candidates stack up, gratuity-wise:
-According to TMZ, Barak Obama recently tipped $18 on a $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon in North Carolina.
-There’s some debate over whether Hillary Clinton did or did not tip a waitress who may or may not have given her and her staff a free meal in a Sioux City diner.
-Virtually no serious information exists about John McCain’s tipping habits, but Johnmccainisyourjalopy insists he tips 9%. Whatevs.

On the non-political side, a couple sites dish the dirt about celebrities and, like we mentioned, normal people. According to Stained Apron, Willie Nelson is a good tipper, but we could have told you that. Derober, which has a celebrity tipping database, reports that Kirsten Dunst stiffed a server after receiving a free meal: “I guess she multiplied 20% into zero and screwed me.”

And finally, in case you ever get tempted to pull a similar stunt, there exists, which keeps a database of bad tippers’ names and cities. Be careful you don’t end up on there.

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The Tipping Habits Of Politicians