The Reviews Digested, 5/2/08

Your weekly Boston restaurant review roundup, in convenient haiku form!

Dig goes to Southie.
Are there good coffeeshops there?
Yes indeed there are.

Nadeau tries Lobby,
doesn’t like it all that much.
Two bad reviews? Woof.

MC Slim JB
visits Waltham for tacos,
finds utter brilliance.

Cheap eats with a twist!
First suggests donating cash
after eating cheap.

Cheap Eats tries The Four’s,
a Quincy sports bar with class
and stellar bar food.

Sauce tries Oceanaire
where a retro atmosphere
meets serious fish.

Grezzo gets a B.
Schaffer thinks it’s all salad
but still quite likes it.


The Reviews Digested, 5/2/08