The Philly Pizza Book

If there are two things we can appreciate, it’s pizza and crazy art school kids. That’s why we were kinda sorta thrilled to see how two MFA students at the University of the Arts just wrote (drumroll)…

The Pizza Book: An Illustrated Guide to Philadelphia’s Best and Worst Slices.

The authors of the book, Gregory Pizzoli and Ansley Joe, will be appearing on Saturday, May 10 at UArt’s Gallery One for a one-day t-shirt exhibit called The Kids Are Uptight.

According to the Philadelphia City Paper (whom we just learned about it from):

“The guide — nay, bible — reviews the actual slices, as well as factors such as service, bathrooms and beverage options. Its handwritten pages and occasional sadistic tomato doodles lend it a pizza diary feel.”

All we know is that anyone who likes pizza and The Who is alright with us. Because we really like pizza too, y’know?

The Pizza Book []
Doctor Pizzoli [Official Site]


The Philly Pizza Book