The Night That the Lights Went Out in Allen & Delancey

It wasn't this bright last night.
It wasn’t this bright last night. Photo: Noah Sheldon

It’s a good thing that Allen & Delancey has all those candles there, because, according to the Observer’s Doree Shafrir, who wrote about it on her own blog, the lights went out last night and didn’t come back on for some time. This was probably all right with the various canoodling couples, but we feel for the sad sack who saved up the money to experience Neil Ferguson’s justly famous food, and then had to sit and gnaw on it in the dark. Of course, the outage might have allowed him to taste the food free from the sight of amorous trustifarians, which can take the edge off even the finest food.

Update: As Shafrir’s post makes clear, Allen & Delancey did in fact eventually clear everybody out. The image of a man sitting in the dark eating Neil Ferguson’s food was one we projected wishfully onto ourselves. Apparently, no one did it for more than a little while.

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The Night That the Lights Went Out in Allen & Delancey