The MenuPages Philadelphia Guide To Foie Gras

First things first. Due to the ethical considerations involved in the consumption of foie gras, restaurants in Philadelphia have been picketed over the past few years for serving the dish. While we respect the opinions of those who choose not to eat foie gras, we’ve also made it quite clear that we think foie gras is one of the most delicious things on God’s green earth.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way (and no sending us Morrissey-quoting e-mails about the benefits of veganism either. We like our carnivorous ways just fine), here’s a comprehensive guide to ome of Philadelphia’s most creative and tasty foie gras options.

The Fountain at the Four Seasons hotel offers sauteed foie gras accompanied with grilled figs and quince, topped with a three vinegar reduction. Sweet (literally).

Lacroix’s dinner menu includes foie gras “bacon” accompanied by that most gourmet of condiments, ranch dressing.

Brasserie Perrier serves a Daniel Boulud-inspired burger of sirloin stuffed with shredded short ribs and topped with seared foie gras and black truffle cheese.

• Highly regarded Conshohocken BYOB Blackfish also does Lacroix’s highbrow/lowbrow deal. In Blackfish’s case, foie gras is paired with pickled maraschino cherries (natch)… and frosted flakes.

Pond is one of the Main Line’s most elegant restaurants. The take on foie gras here is strictly traditionalist: the liver comes adorned in a simple apricot glaze flavored with orange peel.

This list is up-to-date and current at time of publishing. If any of these restaurants are no longer serving foie gras, let us know.

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[Photo: foie gras via Wikimedia Commons]

The MenuPages Philadelphia Guide To Foie Gras