Sun-Times & Tribune: Rhubarb, Omnibores, Celebrity Chefs, Froyo

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and today’s Sun-Times and Tribune food sections are all over that with boring baking tips and whatnot. Instead, let’s focus on what’s interesting to selfish people:

• The celebrity chefs are coming. The celebrity chefs are coming! To celebrate the celebrities, we’re going to fly in from a coastal city and open a buzzed-about restaurant on our considerable star wattage to take advantage of the Chicago moment [Sun-Times]

• The frozen “actual” yogurt mini-craze, contrasted but not compared [Sun-Times]

• Even though it’s so May that it’s already practically June, we’re still excited when new foods come online. This week: rhubarb. And in 40 years, we’ll start having rhubarb in February! Or never… [Tribune]

• The secret to worthwhile tomatoes in May: hydroponics. Hydroponics may be the secret to everything worthwhile in May [Sun-Times]

• Profound: “the best thing about sunflower oil it is that it isn’t showy like it’s more flavorful cousin, olive oil. It is content to be a conduit, letting the flavors of the food stand out.” [Sun-Times]

• This syndicated piece totally calls us out by inventing the neologism “Omnibores,” referring to people who “endlessly brag about all the places where they’ve eaten, including neighborhoods, cities and very distant countries.” But what else are we supposed to base our self-worth on, hmm? [Tribune]

[Photo: rhubarb six ways at Alinea, via soundofdesign]


Sun-Times & Tribune: Rhubarb, Omnibores, Celebrity Chefs, Froyo