Sun-Times, Reader & PSAs: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Pat Bruno creamed himself over kitschy Italian restaurant Natalino’s, naming their chicken cacciatore the best in Chicago. Also: “masterful blend of flavors,” “incredibly delicious,” “as good as I have had anywhere (including in Italy),” “Don’t miss it,” “I was enamored,” “beauties,” “outstanding,” “simple yet sensational.” But what did he really think? There is exactly one “However,” you know, for balance.

Critics are supposed to be ruthless and make you think the world is irredeemable, not say they like things! Oh well.

Meanwhile, Mike Sula has a good pick of foodie books at the Reader. Hey, is that why it’s called the reader? Surely. His list captures what’s hot right now: local/heritage, Italo-Japanese small plates, anything porcine, and China. Also, one of the books is about a crazy wine caper, but why buy it when you can read the New Yorker article on it for free!

Also, a PSA. The Drawing Room at Le Passage sent this offer that we’re just going to reprint in its entirety for you:

Friday, June 15th | 6:00 - 9:00pm

Fresh from her stint on Bravo’s Top Chef, Chef Stephanie Izard brings her culinary creativity to The Drawing Room. For one night only, Chef Izard goes plate to plate with The Drawing Room’s own Chef Nick Lacasse.

Chef Izard, a local favorite on the show is well known to Chicagoans and fans of Top Chef. Her innovative dishes consistently impress and her previous venture into restaurant ownership of Scylla has foodies salivating for more. Chef Nick Lacasse, a protégé of Shawn McClain, is a rising star in his own right and looks for a home court advantage in his kitchen.

Diners will draw their own conclusions on the cuisine and will rate each dish following the course prepared. Chefs Izard and Lacasse will present the courses between tastings for a truly ‘in the kitchen’ experience. Each course will feature a cocktail and/or wine pairing overseen by Master Bartender and Chief Mixologist Charles Joly.

This exceptional evening is open to a limited number of guests and reservations are required.

Sunday, June 15
6 pm - 9 pm
$65 per person
Reservations Essential
(773) 276-7582

Awesome. The winner is you! Have a good weekend.

Natalino’s [MenuPages]
Natalino’s [Official Site]

[Photo: Natty’s interior]


Sun-Times, Reader & PSAs: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other