Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em in San Francisco

Due to the countless droves of bartenders and cocktail waitresses dying from second- hand smoke related illness, California yeas ago made it quite difficult to light up and enjoy a little of our own noxious fumes over a drink. There are havens for the smokers though, both illegal (don’t worry guys, I’d never give you up) and legal. Here’s a few of the legal:

The Cigar Bar on Montgomery Street prides themselves on the extensive and exclusive selection of their humidor. This is probably the highest end smoking establishment. The atmosphere lounge will get so crowded on weekends nights the line out front has been known to take over an hour.

Don’t be fooled by the divey look of Whiskey Thieves at 839 Geary St. These guys have made sure the smoking laws are all squared away by making the bartenders part owners, and those bartenders take their roles seriously. They really know their whiskeys. It can get crowded, but it’s one of our favorite places for a late afternoon cocktail over a pool game and an ashtray.

Where can you see a rock ‘n roll show, get served drinks by sexy bartenders in leather pants and be able to smoke indoors? The Hemlock Tavern, in Polk Gulch. The smoking room is separate and missing part of a wall to allow for ventilation, but it’s heated and you can bring your drink with you.

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Photo by ~Jeanne~ from Flickr

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em in San Francisco