Send Me Burritos By The Mail

Today is two things: It is Cinco De Mayo, and it is probably the last day you can pick up something for Mom and get it in the mail in time to reach her by next Sunday. You know what you do? You send her Mexican food.

It sounds impossible, we know, but you’re probably going to eat Mexican food tonight to celebrate the victory of Mexican forces over the French in the battle of Puebla in 1862. While you won’t want to pack something home from the restaurant and save it for your mother all week, we think you may be in the spirit of fiesta today, so have collected some web resources to help get that burrito into Mom’s hands by Mother’s Day. Put in your web order or make your road trip plans now and that guacamole and margarita will taste so much better tonight.

We can’t speak to the quality of the food at Burrito Brothers, but their mailing service does include burritos and other freeze-able products. Even a sub-par burrito would be a treat by the mail, and this way, all mom has to do is heat the thing up.

Aside from sending whole, cooked food products through the mail, probably the most effective way to get your mother a Mexican feast from afar is to send its individual components and maybe instructions on assembly, if required. You could shop at your local Mexican market and pack them yourself or, if you do not have one nearby, think about ordering some (admittedly over-priced) sauces and whatnot from Mexican Food and Gifts To Go. It may not be quite as fun as delivering whole burritos, but we think that, for the right woman, a case of salsa counts as a real gift, and not just a novelty. Something to consider.

Finally, if you’re driving or taking the train to visit Mom, and want to bring her the real item, fresh from your local taqueria and still hot, the good folks at Burritophile have perfected a technique. Basically, it involves storing the burrito/tacos/torta in a cooler with a hot brick. This works for at least two hours, according to Burritophile.

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Send Me Burritos By The Mail