Foie Gras Ban Repealed; D’Artagnan Founder in Rapture

News that Chicago had overturned the city’s foie gras ban, posted this afternoon on the Times’ Diner’s Journal blog, didn’t take long to reach Ariane Daguin, the founder of D’Artagnan and the nation’s leading proponent of foie gras consumption. Her letter, unabridged, after the jump.

Dear Friend of Foie Gras,

There will be much rejoicing today, as chefs in all the best restaurants of the country celebrate the repeal of the foie gras ban in Chicago.

Passing 37-6, the repeal of the ban is a 21st century equivalent to the repeal on Prohibition! It stands for freedom of choice, common sense, truth and most importantly, freedom to eat!!

We commend the Chicago City Council for voting on this fair and square, unlike the clandestine maneuver of April 2006, when the ban was buried in an unread collection of routine legal matters.

The animal rights extremists have attempted to repeat their success in Chicago in other states and cities in the Land of the Free. They petitioned and protested, but
NY, NJ, CT, IL, MI, HI, MA, MD, and Philadelphia have resisted their efforts!! Feel free to eat foie gras in any of these places!

Today, please raise a glass with us…and a plate of foie gras… to celebrate the victory of family farmers who work hard to give us wholesome foods, and to freedom of choice on our menus.

Vive le foie gras!!

Chicago Overturns Foie Gras Ban [NYT/Diner’s Journal]

Foie Gras Ban Repealed; D’Artagnan Founder in Rapture