Remedy Tea Bar Vs. The City Of Philadelphia

Courtney and Kristen Kammerer own the Remedy Tea Bar on Sansom & 16th. They also have a problem: Their store’s windows keep getting broken.

And while that might be bad enough, it gets worse. The city of Philadelphia won’t let the sisters put a security grate over their door and windows. According to the Inquirer, the city zoning board told them they couldn’t have shuttered security grates “because of police and fire department concerns.”

On and on it goes:

“Now, even with an alarm system, they feel vulnerable. In the last six months, 15 commercial burglaries have been reported in the area bounded by Broad, 17th, Chestnut and Spruce Streets.

In October, the store’s front door was shattered. Two weeks later, it was shattered again, and this time $200 was gone from the store’s cash register, which is still bent from the crowbar.

After the third break-in - about 2 a.m. a few weeks ago, the Kammerers sat in the store for hours, waiting for a repairman to board up the front window.

The sisters want to install the correct security grates, but say because of the shop’s massive glass structure, they can’t afford it now.”

The “correct security grates” referenced in the quote above are aesthetically pleasing screen grates — which happen to be too expensive for most small Center City restaurants to install. Viva la bureaucracy.

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[Image via April Saul/Inquirer]


Remedy Tea Bar Vs. The City Of Philadelphia