Reader + Sun-Times = Mississippi Tamales & A Giant Embarrasing Error!

Wait, this is really funny sort of! We were reading the Sun-Times’ dining section today and saw Thomas Witom’s review for Fahrenheit in St Charles, and something about it struck us as odd and then we realized…Fahrenheit closed unexpectedly in late April! So obviously this piece was filed a long time ago and by no fault of Tom’s, didn’t make its tragic run until today. We guess it’s an honest enough mistake, but this is what happens when you slash newspaper editorial budgets. Sad!

Everything else pales in comparison. Pat Bruno’s contribution today is a roundup of cheap eats, and his picks are reasonable.

Meanwhile, at the Reader, Mike Sula went on the hunt for the elusive local Mississippi Tamale — much like its Mexican progenitor except made with cornmeal — and with the help of the good people at the Southern Foodways Alliance, found some! Ready? The place is called J’s Fresh Meats & Food Mart, and it’s on 5615 W Madison Street. The number is (773) 287-3030, but best of luck getting someone on the phone.

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[Photo: (Except Tamale Lady) via ericsmithrocks/flickr]


Reader + Sun-Times = Mississippi Tamales & A Giant Embarrasing Error!