Meals On Wheels

We had a splendid 3-day weekend, one that included wistfully wasting away a Saturday morning in bed. Just when we were beginning to wonder why we don’t do this every weekend we started getting hungry and remembered why: San Francisco needs to work on its delivery options. Now, fellow writer Adam Martin has previously discussed delivery spots in SF a while back, but what we really wanted was something healthy. Or at least something in the guise of healthy. Pizza and Chinese food is not always the solution.

We did some research and didn’t come up with much, but we did discover an entire world of meal delivery services that we didn’t really know existed. Here’s the scoop:

Planet Organics seems to be the perfect solution for the food conscious person that wants to buy local, organic produce and grocery items, but doesn’t have the time to go to farmer’s markets and specialty grocers. They’ll deliver what you want to you home once a week and all you have to tell them is how much and what you like (or don’t like). Oh, and of course pay them. Now, if you’re busy to the point that you can’t cook for yourself and eating out every night feels like a bit much, it looks like Wally’s Food Company or Dining In might be good bets. Both prepare meals fresh and use natural, local and seasonal ingredients and both deliver fully cooked meals to you home (Moroccan Orange and Olive Salad? Sounds good to us).

We’re pleased to see so many services for over-worked food enthusiasts like us, but we’re also kinda sad that we seem to be in need of such services. When’s the last time we actually made a home-cooked meal after work? Couldn’t tell you. But maybe these businesses will help us take a step in the right direction.

Planet Organics [Official Site]
Wally’s Food Company [Official Site]
Dining In [Official Site]

[Photo: via Brad & Sabrina/flickr]

Meals On Wheels