Deviled Eggs Set Free

While cruising around on Bon Appetit this morning we found this rather unexciting little How-To on filling deviled eggs using a pastry bag. The instructions are the basic steps that anyone in possession of this kitchen tool would already know.

We’re here to provide you with a far more useful technique. By way of establishing credibility, believe us when we say we’ve made more deviled eggs than maybe any other dish. We’ve made up recipes for Japanese ones, Mexican ones and curry ones, and are known in some circles as “that guy who always brings those great deviled eggs to parties.”

Unless you’re entertaining at home or are on a very weird diet, you won’t be eating deviled eggs in your own house. Here’s how to bring them to a party as intact as possible. This technique can also be used in the home if you don’t want to worry about dealing with a pastry bag:

1) You make your eggs and the filling, and put the whites on a plate, egg carton or whatever else you’re carrying them in.

2) Fill a Zip-Loc bag with the filling (a rubber spatula works well for this) and zip it shut. Put the whites, the bag of filling and a container of whatever garnish (like paprika) you intend to sprinkle on the done eggs, in your car or backpack and go to your party.

3) When you get to the party, ask the host if you can have five minutes in the kitchen to assemble your eggs. Take your bag and sort of smoosh the filling into one of the lower corners. Cut that corner off to create a maybe 1/4-inch (or however wide you want) opening. Then use the bag like a pastry bag to fill the whites. Garnish that mess and you’re done. Go get your oohs and ahs.

How To Fill A Deviled Egg [Bon Appetit]

[Photo: Deviled eggs under wraps, but you don’t have to live like this any more! via htlvhwy/flickr]

Deviled Eggs Set Free