Black Metal Baking

Careful, this is loud:

The intersection of food and pop music provides some of the best cocktail party conversation / refreshment fodder. Be it the Janet Jackson breast cupcake that helped launch the Amateur Gourmet to national fame, the amazingly large collection of Beatles-themed candy or the web-TV phenomenon Cookin’ with Coolio, food-themed pop and pop-themed food are always delicious.

But we felt transported to another, darker realm when we read about the website The Black Oven, a Nordic black metal-themed baking blog featured today on Boing Boing. With recipe titles like Where The Chocolate Beats Incessant, Le Petit Gateau du Les Legions Noire, and Frostbitten Molasses Cookies Entombed with Ginger, even your most devoted metal head can now enjoy a sweet treat without losing his or her edge.

Our mother likes to point out how nobody can really look all that scary while holding a pink bakery box. Well, Ma, that may no longer be true. If this evil baking trend catches on, we’ll soon be feasting on “bloody elves hearts” and “shattered black souls” instead of plain old jelly donuts and chocolate chip cookies, and the pink bakery box will fall in line right behind the upside down cross as a symbol of the black metal underworld. Muahahaha!

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Photo: Courtesy of The Black Oven

Black Metal Baking