Philly’s Best Jamaican Food Truck?

When we first read in the Inky about a remarkably popular Jamaican food truck near Philadelphia Community College, it only took us a number of seconds to get hooked:

The oxtails are that good. They rest overnight in a moist rub of onion, garlic, fresh thyme and allspice (“pimento” in Jamaica), and are stewed for two hours in the morning, giving up a sweet, rich, fragrant brown sauce.

In the $6 “small” container, they are heaped over gravy-drenched rice and beans, with a side of collard greens or, well, I always gravitate to the buttery, translucent steamed cabbage. (It, too, is seasoned with onion, scallion, herbs, bell pepper, and an extra sweetener, shredded carrot.)

C’mon people, that sounds amazing.

Real flavors of Jamaica, curbside in Philly [Inky]


Philly’s Best Jamaican Food Truck?