Peet’s Coffee in BART. Just The Beginning?

So now that Peet’s Coffee is set to open kiosks in BART stations throughout the Bay (you’ll find a newly fenced-off section at the Montgomery station complete with a hiring sign), we’ve been thinking of other things that would be nice to have in BART stations.

1) Dim Sum. There is no food more perfect for a quick bite than Dim Sum. One well-steamed barbeque pork bun or a trio of potsickers could hold anyone over for a long commute, make for a last-minute lunch or satisfy the pre-happy hour munchies. We know there’s no eating on BART, but we also know from experience that almost all Dim Sum can easily be consumed while waiting for a train to arrive or while walking up the escalator in route to one’s destination.
2) Free weeklies. Yes, it’s nice to have a discounted Chronicle readily available for the ride, but sometimes you just want to check out Best of the Bay or do one more crossword puzzle. We like options when it comes to periodicals and for whatever reason, remembering to grab a free weekly before we get down to the station is asking too much.
3) Chargers for electronics. It never fails that when we really want to zone out and do nothing but listen to music for 30 minutes on our BART ride, we’re met with a near dead battery. All we need is for our music player to last one leg of the commute, but we know it’s not going happen and so we listen to the lovely screeches of metal on metal instead. On a recent trip to Oregon, we noticed that Portland International Airport has stations for charging various electronic products (cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc.) and now that we’re all more plugged in than ever, this seems like a handy thing to have in a BART station.
4) Useable restrooms. Enough said.

We’re excited about the Peet’s if only because it means one less block to walk to ensure that we’re properly caffeinated on the way to work. We’re also interested in seeing how the heck BART plans to enforce the no drinking or eating rule on trains when there’s a kiosk selling tasty beverages and fresh pastries only steps away from loading zones. Don’t get us wrong, we like clean public spaces too, but we also like to be able to enjoy hot coffee and tea when it’s actually hot.

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Photo: By voxipsa

Peet’s Coffee in BART. Just The Beginning?