Outdoor Dining

We know it’s overcast and due to rain, but these gloomy days can’t last forever! And since it’s not raining yet, we think sitting on the patio can work for now. Today we talk about some of the area’s best patios. We’ll run inside when the first raindrops touch our table.

• To see and be seen, Stephanie’s on Newbury is the way to go. Fortunately for you, the food is great, too! We would recommend the lamb chops with white corn polenta, grilled asparagus, sun dried cherry and pearl onion demi glace.

• Newbury Street not your scene? The most coveted seats on a nice day in Harvard Square are at Shays Pub and Wine Bar. This dates back to a time when restaurants in Cambridge weren’t allowed to serve alcohol on their patios - Shays found a loophole by making sure their patio was on their property, and not the sidewalk. These days Shays boasts an impressive wine list in addition to the variety of beers they serve. Of course there’s food - the burgers are good and huge. We’ll admit the spotlight is on quality sipping and good company.

• Tucked away in the center of Roslindale Square is the absolutely charming Sophia’s Grotto. They share a patio with other local restaurants and shops, but theirs has a bubbling fountain! Try the Boston lettuce salad with bleu cheese and golden raisins, then have the popular pappardelle (with tomatoes, asparagus tips, crabmeat and shrimp in a lobster reduction).

Stephanie’s On Newbury [Official Site]
Sophia’s Grotto [Official Site]

[Photo: Flickr: eileansiar]

Outdoor Dining