Nineteen Years, Nineteen Beers!

Happy birthday, Cambridge Brewing Company! This past weekend marked the 19th anniversary of the local brewery-restaurant, and to celebrate, they had quite a party. As you may have guessed, nineteen beers were on the menu (well, 24, in case five got tapped before the celebration was over). We started off with the Charles River Porter, which is full-bodied with caramel and toffee notes. Next we tried the LoveBuzz Espresso Stout, which was exactly what we were looking for on a sleepy, rainy Saturday. Last but not least, we wanted to try the unhopped heather ale, as it was all our friends could talk about on Friday. It was tapped, but not to worry! We could have the unhopped herbal, thanks to those who thought having an extra five beers would be worth their time. The beer was unlike anything we’d ever tried before, so we think we need to explore the world of the unhopped.

To eat, we sampled the spring rolls, which were served with a yummy ginger-chili-garlic sauce, and the hummus platter with falafel. We know: these were not the best foods to pair with our dark and heavy beers, but we wanted to know how a brewery makes falafel. We were not disappointed, as the falafel was warm, with just enough spice, and all served with toasted pita.

We hope to go back soon to try the entrees, and more importantly, the Biere de Miel, which is made with local honey.

Cambridge Brewing Company [Official Site]

[Photo: Eric’s Beer Page]


Nineteen Years, Nineteen Beers!