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Model Taylor Fuchs Has to Fight His Love of the Slice

“Me and my friends like to go to Pipa for brunch and get the pancakes.” Photo: Melissa Hom

Taylor Fuchs was more of a sports guy when an agent convinced him to leave college after two years to try his hand at modeling. Since his debut just about a year ago, the 21 year old has walked for a slew of designers — from Marc Jacobs to Dolce & Gabbana — and appeared in magazines such as V and GQ Style, as well as titillated bloggers. He makes his home in Greenpoint, where he finds pierogi akin to the ones his grandmother still makes for him when he returns to Saskatchewan, Canada (Fuchs is 3/4th German and 1/4th English). So where does he go for Brooklyn sushi?

Saturday, April 24
I had some Raisin Bran at home for breakfast. For lunch I went to Pax, right by my gym, and got a turkey BLT wrap.

That night I got a spicy tuna roll from Wasabi. There’s a ton of different restaurants in Greenpoint — it’s easy to sit around and order in.

Sunday, April 25
I just had some yogurt and granola for breakfast and went to Whole Foods in Union Square and got a piece of mushroom pizza with truffle oil for lunch. The pizza is really good there — I like to think it’s healthy but I don’t know that it is. I came back to the house and had some grilled swordfish, asparagus and potatoes.

Monday, April 26
I had some instant oatmeal for breakfast.

It was a rainy, cloudy day so I got some soup at the Soup Man for lunch.

I went out to dinner with some friends at the Blue Water Grill and had the sea bass. I like to eat a lot of fish when I’m here because back home it’s hard to get fresh fish. Saskatchewan is in the middle of Canada so it’s a meat and potatoes type of place.

Tuesday, April 27
Another bowl of Raisin Bran at breakfast.

In the afternoon I went to the Agency and stopped in at Starbucks and had a sandwich and coffee.

After I was done for the day I got back and got a Sicilian slice from Driggs Pizza in Greenpoint. I love pizza. When I first came to NY that’s all I’d eat. I had to steer away from it eventually. It’s tough in New York because it’s on every corner.

There’s been a pretty drastic difference between what I eat now and what I ate in university. I’ve had to adjust and start eating food that’s actually good for me. I usually like to take a day out of every week and maybe treat myself to something that might not be the best for me— a slice of pizza or some pierogi.

Wednesday, April 28
I had some oatmeal for breakfast.

For lunch I went to Mozarrelli’s which has a soft spot in my heart because it’s the first place in New York I went to eat. I got some penne vodka from there. It’s near my gym, too.

After that for dinner I went and got some shrimp fried rice from Planet Thailand.

Thursday, April 29
I just had some yogurt for breakfast.

I’ve been running around doing castings and running errands so I haven’t had a chance to eat lunch [at 3:30].

I don’t necessarily agree with models being as skinny as they are but that’s the business. There are some girls who are super-skinny but eat whatever they want— it amazes me. And there are others that are obsessed with their diet. I try to find a balance. Fashion is a funny thing because from one season to another it switches and just because the models are skinny this season doesn’t mean they’ll be skinny next season.

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Model Taylor Fuchs Has to Fight His Love of the Slice