Men Can Enjoy ‘Sex and the City’ in Their Own Way, at the Four Seasons

While we have to give the Four Seasons points for creative marketing, the hotel’s It’s Not All About Sex and the City package is one of the least appealing getaways we’ve heard about this side of suicide tourism. For $2,000, the deal offers boys a night of temporary liberation from the tyranny of their wives and girlfriends. There are a round of “anything but cosmos” at the bar, a steak dinner at 57 restaurant (wine extra), a DVD library featuring such manly classics as Rambo and Die Hard, a big breakfast, and — just so as not to tempt fate — “double-bedded accommodations.” What could be more reassuring than that? It costs a lot, sure, but you save money by not having any women around! It’s not every day you get to eat steak, watch TV, and sleep in a room with some other guy for only $2,000, after all. And, of course, it goes without saying that what happens at the Four Seasons stays at the Four Seasons. (Of course, a night at an SRO, dinner at Tad’s, and breakfast at the Port Authority would have all the same manlitude, at a fraction of the price.)

Men Can Enjoy ‘Sex and the City’ in Their Own Way, at the Four