Kensington Urban Farmers Hit The Bigtime

Kenzo made it into the New York Times — all thanks to one of the its urban farms. Kensington’s Greensgrow was just profiled in the New York Times:

The farm, in the low-income Kensington section, about three miles from the skyscrapers of downtown Philadelphia, also makes its own honey — marketed as “Honey From the Hood” — from a colony of bees that produce about 80 pounds a year. And it makes biodiesel for its vehicles from the waste oil produced by the restaurants that buy its vegetables.

Farm founders Mary Seton Corboy and Tom Serduk started Greensgrow in 1998 as part of a plan to grow lettuce for Center City restaurants. After setting up a deal with the city of pay rent for $150 a month, they successfully managed to turn a hardscrabble former industrial site into a thriving farm.

Even if all this talk of urban farming isn’t your thing, please check out their FAQ page. Can we say that the thing is snarky as hell? Because it is… and we love it.

Greensgrow [Official Site]
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Kensington Urban Farmers Hit The Bigtime